Typical Examples of Wire Rope Deterioration

Typical Examples of Wire Rope Deterioration
1 Mechanical damage due to rope movement over sharp edge projection while under load.
2 Localized wear due to abrasion on supporting structure.
3 Narrow path of wear resulting in fatigue fractures, caused by working in a grossly oversize groove, or over small support rollers.
4 Two parallel paths of broken wires indicative of bending through an undersize groove in the sheave.
5 Severe wear, associated with high tread pressure.
6 Severe wear in Langs Lay, caused by abrasion.
7 Severe corrosion.
8 Typical wire fractures as a result of bend fatigue.
9 Wire fractures at the strand, or core interface, as distinct from “crown” fractures.
10 Break up of IIWRC resulting from high-stress application.
11 Looped wires as a result of torsional imbalance and/or shock loading.
12 Typical example of localized wear and deformation.
13 Multi-strand rope “bird caged” due to torsional imbalance.
14 Protrusion of rope center resulting from build-up of turn.